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Anesthesiology Billing Services

The mandatory reporting – using appropriate anesthesia modifiers, time units for actual administration of anesthesia, prevalent stringent coding and privacy norms – has begun to take a heavy toll of anesthesiology physicians, depriving them off the quality time that could have improved their medical efficiency substantially.  The intricacies involved in Anesthesiology billing have made it a specialist job. 

Our anesthesiology billing advisory, which prides itself on the highest qualification and expertise, has been significant in ensuring maximum reimbursement of anesthesiology billing, resulting in greater revenues, patient inflow and referrals, and physicians’ medical efficiency.


Our UVP (Unique Value Proposition) in Anesthesiology Billing Management

Assigning appropriate anesthesia modifiers to diverse situational administrations, and reporting them in time units (in minutes) has been core to our policy of unique value propositions in Anesthesiology Billing Management. Consider the following list of modifiers scrupulously applied to diverse anesthesia procedures that determine whether the procedure was personally performed, medically directed, or medically supervised.




Anesthesia services personally performed by the anesthesiologist


Medical supervision by a physician; more than four concurrent anesthesia services


Monitored anesthesia care


MAC for at risk patient


Medical direction of two, three or four concurrent anesthesia procedures involving qualified individuals


Monitored anesthesia care


CRNA service with medical direction by a physician


Medical direction of one CRNA by a physician


CRNA service without medical direction by a physician

PDQ Billing Services Objective

With the sole objective of achieving maximum end-to-end anesthesiology services claim reimbursement, our anesthesiology coding and billing specialists set themselves high standards in professional efficiency. Having to meet their anesthesiologists’expectancy level amidst stringent coding and billing system, our professionals continually upgrade their competence to match practices in  medical coding and billing for anesthesiology services.

Delivering Manifold Benefits to Anesthesiology Specialists

Engaging our anesthesiology billing and coding professionals services -- capable of delivering the following manifold benefits to your anesthesiology practice -- is indeed a prudent decision to maximize you claim-reimbursement, and professional efficiency in anesthesiology:

  • Reduction in account receivables to negligible percentage
  •  Decrease in clients’ overhead and operating costs, consequent to outsourcing our experts’ billing and coding services
  • Continual research on coding regulations and changes to have claims reimbursed without interruption.
  • Application of suitable modifiers to have the denied claims reimbursed.
  • Anesthesiologists -- with singular focus on patients, not administrative functions -- can maintain higher level of efficiency in providing medical care.


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