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The healthcare billing industry is a very broad field with many different unique specialties and services.

Every specialty requires its own formula for success when it comes to medical claims processing. Our Medical Billing Service is here to fit your medical billing needs.

Insurance Companies are strict about the criteria needed to deem services a medical necessity. Understanding how to input codes and modifiers is       vital to the success of medical claims processing.

Being fluent and efficient in matching ICD-9 Codes to the proper CPT codes in order to prove medical necessity is a must.

As a medical specialist, you are aware of how important it is to seek assistance from an expert in their respected field. The financial well-being of your medical practice should be put into the hands of professional medical billers.

Our certified medical billers have proven to be experts in the medical billing field. Our electronic medical billing service expertise will get you fully reimbursed quickly, and to the fullest profit potential.


In this day where companies are outsourcing overseas, PDQ Billing Services wants to assure you
that our services are performed in America according to American laws and guidlines
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