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Coding Consulting

PDQ Billing Services knows the importance and value of accurate coding practices. The appropriate use of modifiers, knowledge of global billing, correct billing of a consultation, reimbursement of DMERC and supplies, confidently challenging your insurance payers, achieving the appropriate CPT level of service, are just a few of the necessary components for an effective and profitable billing department. We will provide strategies, educate and mentor your staff for a successful transition to assure optimal reimbursement. 

Did you know that 25% of practices are "under-coding" according to a recent survey taken on medical practices in the North Atlantic Region.  As a result these practices are leaving $5,000-50,000 on the table each year, never to be received.


Are you performing 3 procedures and only billing for 1?

Does your practice need help coding for the procedures that you do?


PDQ Billing Services experienced staff of coders can help your practice receive the maximum reimbursement for your services.  Experience is the difference when it comes to coding and PDQ Billing Services has that experience to share with your practice.


                         2013 Physician Value Book Bundle Four

Medical coding is a fundamental aspect of maximizing claim reimbursement. The proper knowledge of medical coding and reimbursement methodologies enables providers to receive the correct and maximum reimbursements available. We assign the correct ICD-9, CPT, and/or HCPCS codes derived from the medical records and reports from your practice. Our Medical Coding Specialists generally have several years of clinical experience in an array of medical specialties, and are CCS-P and/or CCS credentialed.

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