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General Surgery Billing Service

Surgical billing requires a wide range of expertise not only in the field of general surgery, but the surgical sub-specialties as well.  PDQ Billing Services brings experience and processes essential for the more complicated elements of reporting and follow-up in surgical billing.  Coding complexity, multiple procedure rules and complicated contractual adjustments have to be addressed for successful reimbursements.  Monitoring payment information and patterns from practices and payers provide valuable feedback to practice business partners.  Tracking underpayments is also critical part of the process.


PDQ Billing Services has invested heavily in technology that supports the level of excellence necessary not to just meet, but to exceed today’s surgical billing requirements.  We have developed processes described as “best practices” related to charge capture/reconciliation, claims submission and denial management.  An extensive series of front end edits result in cleaner claims, fewer re-files and/or appeals.

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