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Data Protection / Backups / Disaster Recovery

Secure Servers – Our servers are physically secure by several layers of security preventing un-authorized people physical access to them.

Secure Data – The data on the servers is protected by several layers of sophisticated security, thus reducing the chance of un-authorized personnel accessing the data.

Data Protection Daily backups – The data is backed up daily, verified, and then the backup tapes are securely stored off site.

Disaster Recovery – There are several levels of disasters; from minor technical issues such as disk crashes, to a total loss, such as the building burning down along with all its contents including the servers. A good disaster recovery plan should address different types of potential disasters and provide appropriate solutions for each. Whether a total loss or a minor system malfunction, Ashron Billing has you covered. For starters, our servers have hot swappable disks and power supplies, so if a failure should occur, the system remains operational and the repairs can be done without the need to bring down the server. This is just one example of the many technologies we employ. We  have an outside I.T. firm as a backup to handle any emergencies that might arise. Both have 24/7 access to the system and, in most cases, can solve technical problems very quickly. In the event of a total loss, we have additional insurance coverage that specifically covers I.T. Equipment and recovery work, for fire, floods, earth-quakes, etc. This allows us to recover from any such catastrophic event in the shortest time possible.


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