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Mental Health Billing Service

The mental health insurance industry is highly saturated by managed care. This means that many times verification of benefits and certification for services is complicated by determining which entity has been subcontracted for which service. Psychiatric diagnoses differ from general medical diagnostic classification and coding. A general medical billing company may not be familiar with DSM classification. Especially as it pertains to psychological and neuropsychological testing, often times general medical billing companies do not understand the unique demands of billing for these services.


PDQ Billing Services billers ensure that the Documentation for individual Psychotherapy includes the patient's capacity to participate in and benefit from Psychotherapy.  The estimated duration of treatment in terms of number of sessions are specified.  The medical record documents that the treatment is expected to improve the health status or function of the patient.  Target symptoms, goals of therapy, response to therapy, and methods of monitoring outcome have been documented.

Our billers ensure that the Documentation for group Psychotherapy indicates that cognitive skills, such as behavior modification, supportive interactions, and discussion of reality were applied to produce therapeutic change.  The record documents the person's participation and an evaluation of its benefit or lack thereof.

With years of experience in handling Mental Health Billing, Our billers are professionally trained to handle billing processes for all Psychiatrists, Psychologists, Psychiatric Social Worker, and Psychoanalysts.

So no matter which of these your practice specializes in, our billers will be able to cater to your Billing requirements. They understand the nitty-gritty of Mental health billing and support claims for

  • Both initial visits & established visits
  • Family therapy with the patient present
  • Family therapy without the patient present
  • Marriage counseling
  • Group therapy
  • Nursing home visits
  • Medication management 


 Their expertise in Billing Medications, Psychological Testing, EAP Visits, using appropriate Modifiers can not be questioned for practicing Mental Health billing for several years. The staff at PDQ Billing Services have a history of servicing mental health organizations with their Authorizations and referrals and participating in Medicare & Medicaid as well as commercial insurance payers.

Our billers are attuned to submitting and tracking workers comp claims and handle all ICD9 codes & CPT Codes for Mental Health practices. Our billers have come together and deciphered the reasons for the most common denials for mental health practices which help practices like yours to optimize their revenue cycle management.

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