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Nutrition Counseling Billing Services


One code set won’t serve all when it comes to capturing physician and RD/nutritionist MNT counseling, so you’ve got to divvy up the services with our surefire recipe for proper coding & billing.

Medical nutrition therapy (MNT) can help reduce complications arising from diabetes or renal diseases, making it a critical aspect of disease treatment. Here’s how to capture each provider’s role.

If a payer does not consider MNT medically necessary for a patient’s condition, your practice could be stuck footing the bill. Instead, be prepared with the inside scoop on the patient’s benefits. Here’s what you can expect from carriers and private payers.

Don’t Give Your Counseling Time Away.



With obesity among patients rising at an alarming rate, the continuing counseling of patients who need nutritional information, especially for controlling their diabetic conditions is also on the rise and it is fast becoming a common coding in medical billing.

If it can be reimbursed and how it can be reimbursed are two dilemmas that many physicians are finding confusing. If you're not getting reimbursed for your patient counseling, you're losing money for your practice.

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