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Not Your Average Medical Billing Company

Count on the staff at PDQ Billing Services for fantastic medical billing services. We are not just a claims processing center. Our goal is to provide the highest return on your claims without sacrificing service or patient support. We successfully convert medical services into cash reimbursements by providing a full range of medical billing services.

PDQ Billing—Partner with the Best

A Quality Business

A quality processor should be utilizing software systems that capture data at the line item in order to be able to provide meaningful reporting modalities. Providers should receive a comprehensive monthly billing report, and agents should be able to provide custom reports in a timely manner. Quality reports should show monthly and year to date charges, payments, contractual adjustments and bad debt. Many reporting packages do not separate contractual adjustments from bad debt that doesn't allow performance monitoring or detailed analysis of adherence to contract terms.

A quality outfit should have the ability to electronically receive data, file claims, and receive payments.

The most important by-product of the billing process is the information an organization can extract to evaluate the performance of the billing agent, monitor payer reimbursement, and understand market trends of referrals.
This information is critical to making good business decisions. Many billing companies still employ antiquated systems that do not allow line-item posting, which means that charges and payments are not captured at the CPT level, and thus it is very difficult to monitor reimbursement.
Consumer Satisfaction
Outstanding agents will also have in place strong quality assurance programs. You need a service that provides web-based payment alternatives for patients, as well as robust phone hours.

More of the cost burden of healthcare services is being shifted to patients with consumer-driven health plans. In order to collect from patients, service providers must make it convenient for the patient. We offer all these services to keep you satisfied.

Medical Billing Services We Offer

  • Generating and Accelerating Individual Claims Which Are Professionally Prepared, Accurately Coded, and Electronically Submitted
    Persistent Follow-Up on All Claims
  • Creation and Mailing of Patient Statements
  • Prompt Posting of Payments
  • Collection and Analysis of Patient Information
  • Courteous but Effective Collection of Outstanding Receivables
  • Patient Billing Questions Answered Personally and Efficiently
  • Customized Monthly Statistical Reports and Spreadsheets Tracking Business Activity and Productivity
  • Analysis and Recommendations for Fee Structuring

In this day where companies are outsourcing overseas, PDQ Billing Services wants to assure you
that our services are performed in America according to American laws and guidlines
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