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Why Outsource Your Billing

Given the current medical/legal environment, evolving industry, constantly changing healthcare regulations and increasing complexities of insurance reimbursement, the question is no longer if you should outsource these critical functions, but how long you can afford not to. If you are ready to return to a time when you can concentrate on practicing medicine and feel confident that you got paid a fair wage for the services you provided, turn the page and examine the array of services other physicians like you turn to PDQ Billing Services to deliver. 

Trust the professionals at PDQ Billing Services to help you find the medical billing services that are right for you. Many physician groups have made the decision to outsource these functions to focus on the clinical aspects of their businesses.

The complexity and technology of these activities are increasingly complicated. Without strong technical expertise, providers run the risk of costly errors. Even with such in-house expertise, the risk of turnover can devastate short-term cash flow.
Price and Performance
When evaluating the outsourcing of billing functions to a third party service provider, consider the following facts. Unfortunately, price is often easier to quantify, understand, and predict. Therefore, many practices tend to put more emphasis on price in their evaluation of options.
While important, lackluster performance can easily overshadow any price savings. The lowest cost service is not always the best. Amounts saved on lower billing fees may actually cost your practice in terms of total collections.
Compliance is ultimately the responsibility of the provider in the eyes of the federal government; dealing with a reputable billing company with a strong Compliance Program is of paramount importance.

Picking the Right Company
Some providers have an all-inclusive billing approach, while others have a nickel and dime approach. Most billing services are priced on a percentage of collections method, unless prohibited by state law, but some have a lower rate and charge extra for implementation, programming, credentialing, enrollment, patient statements, or refund processing. Not all billing companies offer the same services or the same pricing models. There are quality billing agents using a variety of pricing models, but for comparative purposes, practices must take these additional items into account in their overall evaluation of pricing and service.

Get the Results You Want We Work Hard for You

Determining how long the billing company has been in business is important. Strong contenders should have a high concentration of significant experience in pathology and laboratory specialties. This experience will aid in the ability to achieve good results and lend to the delivery of high-quality services. Ask for references and call each business. This research costs little in terms of time and effort and is very valuable.

We Adhere to the Medical Billing Professional Code of Ethics

Other Questions That Should Be Presented to a Billing Vendor in Review

  • What is the availability and additional cost, if any, of postage, interfaces, electronic claims, patients'' statements, customized reports, credentialing, contract review and negotiation?
  • During the billing transition, who is responsible for gathering all necessary data and what is the estimated time line? 
  • Who will the primary contact be and will it change after the contract is signed?

In this day where companies are outsourcing overseas, PDQ Billing Services wants to assure you
that our services are performed in America according to American laws and guidlines
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