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Plastic Surgery Billing Service


The foundation of a successful plastic surgery practice depends on the knowledge and experience of your medical billing service. Plastic surgery is one of the most challenging medical specialties for which to obtain maximum coverage and reimbursement from insurance companies, as well as the most complicated when it comes to your patients' personalized authorization and billing needs. As a plastic surgeon, partnering with an experienced and informed professional billing service may be one of the most important decisions you will make relative to the profitability of your practice.

Plastic surgery billing is an art, a complex process that requires a range of expertise from knowledge of anatomical and clinical pathology to patient advocacy. At PDQ Billing Services, our experience in plastic surgery billing have helped us perfect that complex process, by maximizing insurance reimbursements to working personally with your patients on their medical finance matters. Our medical billing experts use state of the art computer software and billing strategies to maximize your insurance reimbursements while working to meet the unique billing needs of your patients, freeing up your time to grow and improve your plastic surgery practice.


we can make a difference...
  • Precise documentation

The blurred line that differentiates plastic surgery from cosmetic surgery can lead to rejected claims and virtual warfare. We understand that supporting documentation plays a key role, and receive or notes, transcripts, and all other pertinent documentation before transmitting your claim.

  • Better patient communication

Plastic surgeons being sued by indignant patients are a daily occurrence. Don’t let your practice fall into a quicksand. Our simple and clear patient statements can avoid miscommunication. Our ar callers follow up regularly on patient payments and ensure you get paid quickly, and nobody goes home complaining.

  • Exact codes

The rules of the game change. Our aapc certified coding team assign accurate codes and exact surgical, evaluation and management modifiers to increase reimbursement. And yes we do know that going into 2013, the codes for abdominal wall reconstruction surgery are going to change and like always geared up to follow the latest updates !

  • Billing for co surgeries

Co surgeries are common in the plastic surgery field. We understand how to bill for co surgeries and get your check on the table. We use modifier 62 to identify surgical procedures. We receive a copy of the operative note and documents mentioning the level of involvement of the surgeon.

  • EMR support 

We can interface with all major emr and ehr systems. Our technical team will populate your emr, ehr or pms with updated billing information









 And if you’ve ever screamed to insurers that “it wasn’t a nose job” or at patients for not settling the bill, we are the change you were so desperately looking for.

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