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Fee Structure


The fee structure for our services is very simple. PDQ Billing Services charges a flat percentage of net collections.

The percentage rate is determined by the size and specialty of the practice and can range from 6% to 10%.

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We look after the billing so you can focus on your practice.

We can improve your cash flow, and give you peace of mind that your billing is being done promptly and correctly.

With billing in-house you face fixed billing costs regardless of productivity. When you outsource to PDQ Billing Services,

you only pay us after you get paid.


What’s in a Number?

PDQ Billing Services clients appreciate the simplicity of a pricing model based on a straight percentage of their monthly net collections. However, don’t be fooled into thinking that the number is just some ballpark estimate or, worse yet, plucked out of the blue. To the contrary, the pricing is determined by a detailed analysis of your organization’s key characteristics, finances and other data. Pricing for billing services takes into account:

  • Past charges

  • Receipts

  • Adjustment history

  • Collection rates

This basic information enables PDQ Billing Services to assess your practice’s current situation with regard to billing and collections. Then we consider the following factors to gain a clear understanding of where your organization should be financially:

Lastly, PDQ Billing Services will look at these additional characteristics that make your practice unique, so that we understand the amount of overhead required to manage your account successfully and efficiently:

  • Practice specialty

  • Number of physicians

  • Average number of patients seen

  • Average number of procedures and/or visits

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