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 PDQ Billing Services utilizes the Lytec practice management (PM) system from McKesson, which offers the stability that thousands of users trust to run their practices.  All-new technology makes the application fast and easy-to-use, so office staff can accomplish mor in less time.   

In addition to the many personalized services that PDQ Billing Services offers, we can provide your office with remote access to your Lytec Medical database. This will allow you to check patient balances in order to collect... Remote access is a value added service, fee for this service will be determined on an individual basis, customized for your specific needs.  All you need is a computer, modem and Internet access and you have secure 24/7/365 HIPAA-compliant access to your patient accounting and practice management reporting.

We manage billing for numerous practices, and leave the options of scheduling and charting to the physicians's internal office staff.

Our medical billing software provides:

  • Ability to input data, schedule appointments, access patient information, and run management reports in real-time.
  • Concurrent access--multiple users (our staff as well as your staff) can access the medical billing software data simutaneously.
  • Secure log in--access to sensitive patient data is restricted and protected.
  • Data backup--never again worry about data loss from computer hardware failures or software glitches
  • Data security--patient data is protected from unauthorized users and hackers.
  • Data sharing--save thousands of dollars in networking costs, consulting fees and technical support costs.


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