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Vascular Care Billing Service

Vascular Expertise You Can Trust


Expertise Because of our specialization in Vascular Surgery practices, Vascular Billing by PDQ Billing Services is uniquely qualified to meet your needs and dramatically improve your practice finances.

Our staff is well-versed in the latest regulatory requirements for vascular surgery. We know the diseases you treat and the procedures you perform. This in-depth expertise allows us to make your billing more systematic and efficient - and increase your collections.

    In-Depth Vascular Expertise:

  • Billing during global period
  • Rapid response to CMS record requests
  • Interpretation of care plans and reports
  • Knowledge of vascular regulations & coding
  • Experts in all vascular pathologies and treatment modalities including:
    • Open & endovascular repair of abdominal aortic aneurysms
    • Open & endovascular repair of carotid arteries
    • Peripheral vascular disease
    • Peripheral arterial disease
    • Limb salvage
    • Diabetic ulcers
    • Varicose veins


At PDQ Billing Services, we have the systems, expertice and staff needed to keep your practice running smoothly, efficiently and profitably.  We work with all insurance companies and regulatory agencies to resolve issues quickly and efficiently so you don't have to.  At PDQ Billing Services we are dedicated to ensuring that you recieve all of the reibursements allowed on a timely basis so you can focus solely on providing optimal patient care.


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