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Wound Care Billing Service

Wound management today is truly a multidisciplinary concern. Entire teams are now involved in the management of patients, bringing their own expertise and experience to the holistic management of patients. Even professionals who do not come into daily contact with patients are expected to know and understand in greater depth the current issues in wound care

Wound care has become a more prominent subspecialty in medicine. The number of wound care products, adjunct treatment modalities and treatment algorithms is constantly changing.  

Make Sense of Wound Care Billing: Turn Your Cents Into Reimbursement Dollars


How does a clinician determine appropriate billing for wound care services? For Medicare and Medicaid patients, billing-related regulations are developed and promulgated by the US Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). PDQ Billing Services uses the CMS Web site as a resource for finding necessary information pertaining to billing guidelines and appropriate codes, including edits that prevent billing multiple procedures together and the use of modifiers that may allow an additional billing. Further discussion focuses on the importance of regular visits to this Web site since it is regularly updated as changes occur in billing or reimbursement policies. Therefore, investing the time to check the site for the latest updates can make a critical difference in your success with reimbursement for wound care services.

Wound care professionals face a particulary challenging new set of codes and documentation guidelines. The best advice I would offer to a physician in regards to the changes is to clearly document the manner in which the debridements are performed, making sure to note the specific tools and types of tissue being debrided. And finally measure, measure, measure!




In order to ensure proper coding and timely reimbursement, it is essential to have a heightened awareness of recent changes to debridement codes. Accordingly, PDQ Billing Services takes a closer look at the new codes and discusses criteria for selecting the proper codes.